Local Hospital has New Policy: ask for dilaudid, get dilaudid no questions asked

Columbus, OH – A local hospital is trying a new, controversial but more efficient approach to medical care. “We have changed our guidelines, if you want dilaudid you get dilaudid, if you want valium, you get valium. No questions asked,” CEO Michael Shoemaker told reporters Wednesday.
In what expe…

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Bold Hospital Planning on Operating Over Thanksgiving Weekend without Administrators

New Brunswick, NJ – Reutgers Medical Center announced Wednesday that it may operate this Thanksgiving weekend without any hospital administrators in-house. “We have been practicing trial runs by having an on-call administrator on Saturdays but taking Sundays completely off,” Janet Summers VP of n…

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CDC Confirms Ebola Transmitted Via Patient Satisfaction Surveys

ATLANTA –  Yesterday, the CDC finally established a link explaining a frightening and puzzling Ebola case.  A patient with no known Ebola exposures in Raleigh, NC fell ill with the virus last week and had investigators scrambling to explain how it was contracted.  Despite exhaustive and pa…

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Brothel Workers Consulted in Patient Satisfaction Project

RENO, NV – In what is being called a ‘fresh’ and ‘unorthodox’ effort to boost patient satisfaction survey scores, Heart of The Valley Hospital has hired consultants from a local brothel.
New ER lighting
“Healthcare is constantly being compared against the airline industry because of thei…

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Nurse has License Suspended for Ordering Wrong Sandwich

Minneapolis, MN – Rebekah Harris had her nursing license suspended indefinitely on Tuesday when administrators learned she ordered her ICU patient the incorrect sandwich.  “She delivered a ham sandwich, to the patient that clearly wanted a turkey sandwich,” said hospital admi…

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Hospital Taking Patient Satisfaction Scores Way Too Serious

CHICAGO, IL – “Simply outrageous,” were comments expressed by physicians and nurses in regards to how hospital administrators were implementing new management policies at Mercy Hospital. Administrators are informing Gomerblog that the changes to patient care are stemming from new Medicare r…

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